Watercolor Interior Design | Virtual Tour!


I am working on individual photos of this design, but I could not resist sharing this virtual tour made by MoonCreek Studios!

I would describe the design style as rustic modern with a coastal flair.
All the wood on the floors, walls and ceiling set the tone for a dark, rustic, natural environment. I aimed to lighten this up and add a modern, sophisticated flair through the use of light fabrics, modern furnishings, reflective finishes and well-placed unique accent lighting. Except for the occasional organic or sculptural wood piece, the main furnishings are light, clean and modern to contrast nicely with all the dark wood. I added some lightening sparkle through the use of glass, and chrome and silver leaf accent pieces.
Shimmering, plush area rugs provide a light, inviting anchor for each furniture arrangement, and also provides a dramatic contrast from the dark pine floors.
I used mostly natural grays and creams in my color scheme, with splashes of cool, ice blue that complement all the wood so nicely, as well as bring the coast to mind.
I am so proud of this design, and I hope you all like it, too!

Here is one sneak photo:
Living Room

One thought on “Watercolor Interior Design | Virtual Tour!

  1. I think i would define that design as a classic. But that classic design makes me proud of what they did. It was really a inspiring interior design. Thanks for sharing the video and for posting the interior photo!

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