Sweet Malachite Dreams | Cara McBroom


Sweet Malachite Dreams | Cara McBroom

A Panama City Beach, FL project.

Guests coming to stay at this guest room might expect chocolates on their pillow, and room service! I had the pleasure of renovating this client’s beachfront condo about five years ago–all except this one room, that is. It was time we gave this room the treatment it deserved!

Queen Bedroom SuiteI utilized the same soft aqua and gray from the rest of the condo, but added in a fresh dash of malachite-inspired emerald green!

Queen Bedroom Vignette

These Zeugma ombre glass lamps I found fit the room perfectly!  The softly flared headboard gives the room a master suite feel, though the bed is a queen.

Pillow Fabrics

The whole room was inspired by this gorgeous malachite Cowtan & Tout fabric (Malachite Emerald)! I accented with Cowtan & Tout’s Tiana Turquoise/Nattier, which resembles geodes.  This green and pale aqua combination evokes a very soothing, cool, relaxing feeling, much the same as water.

Love malachite? I’m not the only one inspired by this beautiful mineral.  Check out this eye candy:

Malachite Roman Shades Elle Decor

Malachite Roman Shades Elle Decor

Some malachite dinnerware by L'Objet

Some malachite dinnerware by L’Objet

Breathtaking Victorian Jewelry

Breathtaking Victorian Jewelry


Malachite-inspired sequin dress

Malachite-inspired sequin dress

Gold and malachite side table

Gold and malachite side table

Anyhow, back to my malachite-inspired creation:

Gus, my client's handsome little Bengal kitty approves!

Gus, my client’s handsome little Bengal kitty approves!

…and now, for some shameless efforts for ratings and reposts!  (If commercials and brands can do it, why can’t I?)

Look at these cute, furry design helpers!!!!

Gus and Lilly Belle, "helping" me untie some ribbon

Gus and Lilly Belle, “helping” me untie some ribbon

"Thanks for reading my friend Cara's blog! Au-revoir!"

“Thanks for reading my friend Cara’s blog! Au-revoir!”

My client loved her newly-furnished room so much, that she is ready for me to come back and “refluff” the rest of the condo!  So, stay tuned for before-and-afters of the rest of this beachfront condo!

2 thoughts on “Sweet Malachite Dreams | Cara McBroom

  1. I admire the four pictures above the bed you see in the first and second photo. Very simplistic but chic which is exactly my cup of tea. The emerald colour fits the room perfectly! Although I would probably add few pale colour pieces in order to brighten up the room. But the king sized bed does indeed look very cozy and I guess that was the point! Even though I am fan of Nordic style, I guess I have found some inspiration in your design (is it sheep wrap on the floor?), thank you!

  2. I love to see something so stunning. I have a rings that was my spouse’s and it is sterling silver birds in flight with small stones, I adore it 🙂

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