“After purchasing a new high rise home in Panama City Beach, my husband and I wanted a designer who knew the area and could appreciate our beach setting but with a unique twist. We wanted a clean, elegant look that would be timeless but current. After interviewing several designers in the area, I chose Cara McBroom.
From the very start, I felt comfortable with Cara. Her pleasant attitude and sense of responsibility are only exceeded by her skill and talents. I’ve worked with numerous designers and without hesitation I would say she is, by far, the very best I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. My husband is an engineer, and he’s amazed at the documentation, attention to detail, and organization she shows with every job.
Cara taught me what having a vision for a design plan actually means. She took each of my desires, my picky details, my weird requests and knit them into a whole cloth, using her own sense of flair. Even when I wasn’t convinced something would work, I learned to trust her, and each time, the result was far better than I could have imagined. This wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t had that vision that ‘wholeness’—firmly established.
As wonderful as Cara is, what she doesn’t have is even better. She isn’t a diva; my visions are her visions, only much, much better. She doesn’t consider the sky the limit; my budget is always respected. She isn’t stuffy; we have code words now for everything, including things-we-can’t-do-without and things-we-would-never-consider! Most importantly, she isn’t inflexible; when I want to display my own bad taste, she lets me and still, miraculously, manages to make it look good…
Out of all of this information, however, the bottom line is the most telling. Cara has done three residences for us, one of which was a year-long total remodel of a high rise apartment six hundred miles away from her office. She made one on-site visit and did the rest by phone, text or email. And I absolutely could not be more pleased. It’s the most wonderful home we’ve ever lived in. I only have one regret; it may be a awhile before I get to work with her once more. Then again, my real estate agent is begging me to let her sell the unit because it’s so fabulous. Cara, are you up for number four?”

~Carla Luan–Houston, TX

“Gosh Cara, I wake up every day pinching myself in my beautiful home—your ideas and project direction were nothing short of amazing and totally transformative! I still cannot believe what you accomplished in a single month on our most recent project… on time and on budget!
Working with you has been a pleasure from start to finish– you are such a great listener! Somehow you really understood the feeling we wanted for our interiors and took our initial input and ran with it. The end result was not only what we love, but more beautiful than we could have ever envisioned! (Guess that’s why people hire great designers like you!)
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the options and great ideas you presented and your attention to the fine details! You came up with so many creative solutions for all the architecturally challenging issues in our condominium…they are now dim memories!
Cara, we’ve really put some miles on together…from rugs to paint to kitchens, bars, bedding, furniture, accessories, window treatments…and I can honestly say, there is nothing I would change. It has truly been a pleasure working with you…and I look forward to our next project!”
~Tammy Pierce– Scottsdale, AZ

“Harry and I were beyond pleased with your remarkable talent. You made our home sparkle and your ability to listen to our choice of color palette and our desire for beach contemporary was beyond measure.
You, young lady, have put a tremendous smile on our faces and we were both so delighted with your choices. Your professionalism clearly was demonstrated in our home.
Thank you again for bringing the joy to our home.”

~Harry and Nina Avant–Shreveport, LA

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