Red Fish Village Model Homes in Santa Rosa Beach; Interior Design by Cara McBroom


I furnished three model homes for Red Fish Village.  Each had its own distictive style, designed to appeal to three different demographics expected to vacation in the area.  One model had a casual, cottage feel to it.  One was more modern and sleek , and the other was warmer and more traditional, with rustic and masculine attributes.  I have yet to fully photograph these units, but here is a sampling of each design:

coastal master

This is the Master Bedroom of the unit I named “Coastal Chic”.  The room was designed in a way that the only wall for a bed had a large window in the center of it.  I solved this problem by making a custom bolster to sit in the window, instead of a headboard.  I did a soft grassweave roman shade in the window.  Swing-arm lamps not only clear up space on the nightstands for books or alarm clocks, but they also come in handy when reading at night.  I sewed red glass beads onto the hem of the flat sheet as an inexpensive way to “jazz-up” the bedding.  This target demographic was an avid bird-watcher, hence the choice of art and the small telescope. 

coastal guest

This is the guest bedroom in my “Coastal Chic” unit.  I love the juxtaposition of the soft, plush & refined damask fabric, with the textured headboard and pleated jute bedskirt.


This is the Master Bedroom of my modern unit.  Again, the large window in the middle of our bed wall posed a design delemma.  Not only was the window quite large, but it was also off-center.  I solved this issue by creating a wall of creamy white sheers.  The sheers mask the fact that the window is off-center.  They also filter the light beautifully and soften the room a great deal.  I also chose a bed that had an open slat and open posts & canopy so that the light would filter through the bed.  I did not want the bed to seem like it was blocking the view or hindering the light in any way.  This gives the bed a floating appearance, without it seeming out-of-place.

rustic master

This is the Master Bedroom of the rustic, earthy model unit I designed at Red Fish. 

***My work for Red Fish was recently mentioned in an article for the Piedmont Review!  The writer made a visit to the Emerald Coast and stayed in my “Coastal Chic” unit at Red Fish.!  You can read the entire article by clicking here:

piedmont review coverpiedmont review article

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